As a digital marketer, one of the things you’ll be expected to do for clients is to publish content that boosts their website traffic. Not only will they want more users coming their way, but your clients will want a significant number of them to be solid leads. The end game is to create revenue, and revenue is created by converting leads. However, leads materialise when you use the right bait to attract internet users who are looking for what your clients offer. How can you achieve this consistently for your clients? SEO-friendly content is the key and we have some pointers on how your agency can get it right.

One – Base Topics On Keywords That Your Client Wishes To Target

Before deciding on topics for your clients’ blogs and website pages, you have to establish which keywords and phrases users are typing in to search for what your client offers. Incorporating them into your clients’ topics ensures that their content gets them ranking higher in the list of search results with time.

Two – Make Their Copy Easier To Skim By Including Headings And Subheadings

Online users want to determine within seconds if a piece of content is worth their time, and so does Google’s bots. Make sure your agency compartmentalises your client’s textual content using headlines and subheadings so that it’s easy for users to get the gist of what it’s saying.

Three – Create Content For Your Client In A Variety Of Formats

While words are gold in the world of SEO, text isn’t the only type of content that can improve your clients’ rankings. Images, audio and videos also work, as long as you optimise the files that you use for your clients’ as well. Include keywords in the file name, title, caption, tags and description.

Four – Include Links To Client Content That Your Agency Has Published Before

Whether it’s a blog post or a webpage, your agency should always be able to provide internal and external backlinks in your clients’ content. For the former, focus on pages which form part of the clients’ website the your agency is optimising.

These tips, along with lots of other industry practices, will get your clients where your agency wants them to be if applied correctly in each unique situation. No two clients are the same, so it’s important to do your homework before acting. At Globital, we offer the support your agency needs to provide effective SEO products and services for your clients. Call today to learn more.