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Affiliate Program

Why not apply for your place in our Affiliate Program

The SEO Resellers USA Affiliate Program is a wholesale program, therefore your prospective clients are agencies who will want to sell or might already be selling SEO to their clients as an added service.

We offer an extremely generous commissions structure with a transparent, global support network.

If you think you have what it takes to become a successful reseller of what we believe is the most professional and successful SEO platform in America we’d love to hear from you.

There is a selection criteria, whereby affiliates must meet minimum industry standards plus they must possess the drive and ambition to succeed in this competitive market.

Once you’ve been accepted as an Affiliate to the program we will do our utmost to support you to give you the best start you can have and continue to help you grow your business. As your successes grow so does your income! All applications will be processed within 48 hours.

You might ask why is our SEO Affiliate Program the most successful?


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Commissions – Recurring Monthly

Most of our products are services which are invoiced on a monthly cycle. Given this is the nature of the business, we reward you with commissions on sales, on a recurring monthly basis. So every sale that you make, gives you more than just a once off payment, it gives you a MONTHLY PAYRISE. IE – You get additional commission EVERY month.

SEO Resellers USA works on a monthly cycle for payment of services and products. That means you are paid your commission on sales on a recurring basis every month. Think about it, every sale results in a payment every month, not just a one off payment.

Three Ways to Build Your Income

Direct Sales

Every time we send an invoice to an agency you’ve introduced to us you receive a direct commission.

The payment of your commissions is directly proportional to how many agencies you’ve introduced. The more you introduce the more commission you will receive.

There is no cap on this, you can introduce as many agencies as you like and you will always receive your commission on every invoice.

Organic Growth of Agencies

As your agencies grow and become more successful you’ll earn commission on all the business they introduce to us. The more your client’s grow and succeed, the more you earn. And this should come naturally as it is the nature of these businesses to want to grow and become more successful.

With no extra effort on your behalf you become more successful, months and even years after you made the sale, and introduced the agencies into our network.

        Introducing More Affiliates

We have a dual level commission structure, so you can also introduce new affiliates who introduce more new agencies into the platform, you earn commission on those introductions!

How does that work?

Let’s say you introduce a new affiliate to the program and that affiliate has 10 design companies they introduce to the platform as agencies. If each of those 10 agencies introduce 10 clients to our SEO platform, from that one initial introduction of an affiliate you will receive commissions monthly on those 100 end retail SEO clients.

The major benefit to you as an affiliate is agencies love our platform, it’s so easy to use and integrate plus they know other agencies in the same industry. As they utilize the system and gain the successful benefits from using the system they can’t help but refer our system to their contacts.

This process then results in a reseller turning into an affiliate FURTHER growing your affiliate business and therefore your commissions and successes.

It’s possible you might not ever know the referrals are taking place as they get further down the track. You’ll be making more money without lifting a finger as we track and reward you with you recurring monthly commissions – all you had to do was make the initial introduction.

Support Above and Beyond

We believe our SUCCESSFUL affiliates are the lifeblood of our business. When you succeed we succeed and we will support you to the hilt.

How do we this? What makes us stand out from the rest?

If you meet your minimum sales and prove you’re a successful affiliate:

  • We will build you your own dedicated website to grow your affiliate business
  • We will create an aggressive SEO campaign for your website to promote the maximum return in the form of leads from Google – we’re investing our money in your business growth
  • We may even occasionally feed you Company Sponsored, real leads that result from our own marketing and advertising through our company portals

We’re not here to just pat you on the back and say well done. Our support is in the form of actual backing, actual lead generation and future sales support.

Our goal is for every affiliate to succeed and when you prove you can and do we’re there to maximize that success however we can.

If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in and you think we create and environment, support system and potential for a ceiling-less commission based income for you, then just complete the form and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.