Instagram uses hashtags to gain support and eyeballs for a particular cause, campaign or product offering. No other platform, besides Twitter, is designed to encourage the use of hashtags as much. — So how can you as a US-based digital marketing expert optimise this trend-loving tool and in the process increase not only the likes and shares you get, but also the ROI you demonstrate on your client’s campaigns? Keeping this in mind, how can we also utilise these hashtags to benefit the rankings of older posts in your Instagram archives?

At the moment, Instagram has claimed 700 million of the web’s users, which means that it is an incredibly important platform for marketers to embrace and take great advantage of the enormous potential for leads and sales.

Most marketers use the Instagram hashtag to promote their product—and it’s up to you, as the agency, to understand the importance of hashtags on Instagram, but also to understand when you should create your own or ride on the wave of another better-ranking hashtag.

Bear in mind that no one owns a hashtag. Any company or brand can produce a hashtag and any other company can go along with that hashtag under its own branding and posts.

The best advice we could offer is to discover what hashtags are working really well; in other words, which ones are trending the best in the category for which you are competing.

We strongly suggest you write content that is fresh and unique, compelling and relevant, and then connect it all with the already-known hashtag. Then, include three or four more hashtags of your own, which may or may not do well—but at least, in the meantime, the hashtag to which you connect your post will show results and can boost your traffic and lead generation.

Now, when it comes to the older, archived content you have on your Instagram feed, you may want to consider doing one of these four things:

  1. Have another writer rewrite the post so that it appears fresh and original.
  1. Post the same content on a different platform, this time using a well-trending hashtag on Instagram.
  1. Reinvent your post in a different way. So, for example, if the post is a written blog, why not try using an infographic instead or make a video post about it?
  1. Lastly, we suggest that instead of using old content, use relevant content today and just think of five ways in which you can utilise such content on the various platforms you think might benefit for your client’s bottom-line.

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