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Virtual Assistants



VA 1I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re all very “time poor”.

You can now support your clients like never before by offering branded Virtual Assistants. Another initiative to expand your business and your client’s businesses with no set up costs and minimal risk.

No HR headaches, risks or costs that are all associated with hiring staff. You’ll be able to free up your hands with a VA to carry out many of the repetitive functions you deal with every day. As a business owner this not only gets the work completed at a greatly discounted, wholesale rate but more importantly gives your back time in your day to be doing what you need to do!

Our Virtual Assistants are highly skilled and trained and follow strict quality assured guidelines. Just another quality service that delivers consistent results from SEO Resellers USA.

Skills and Services Offered by our Virtual Assistants


VA 4Below is a list indicating the most common tasks a VA might be used for but in no way is a limited list. SEO Resellers USA is a company committed to continual improvement and as such we are able to train our VA’s to accomplish your specific tasks on request.

  • Processing documents
  • Transcriptions
  • Event Co-ordination
  • Data Entry
  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment setting
  • Social Media Management
  • Blog management and posting
  • Email management
  • Data mining
  • Bookkeeping

As you can see there is no limit to the tasks our VA’s are able to perform for you. If you have specialised needs, please contact us so that we can source suitable qualified VA’s for you.

SEO Resellers USA is our digital marketing wing with sufficient expertise on SMM, web designing, web development, search engine optimization and content creation. Our artistic group of professionals comprises of highly experienced marketing tactics who can not only intensify your reach but also reinforce your brand identity.

Why To Chose Us?

Reasons To Chose Us!

SEO Resellers USA is a forthcoming company specifically based upon skilled and highly talented virtual assistants who are highly professional, trained and skilled in providing digital marketing services at highly reasonable rates. Appreciatively, we provide part time, full time and weekly service specifically depend upon the selection of our customers.

We take great care of your demands and needs with the sole intention of getting your business listed on the top. Our system is controlled and supervised by highly professional and skilled virtual assistant operators at highly competitive rates that eventually provide long lasting advantages to your customers.

While our virtual assistants are highly capable in effectively implementing all sorts of marketing strategies, they are not equipped to implement strategies for your business. If this is the kind of support you need, we have a group of marketing professionals who can assist you with that.

Outsourcing is Cheaper

Really? How can Outsourced Digital Marketing be inexpensive? We are frequently asked this! Have a look, for instance, at our utter peak of the range, Supercharged on Max bundle. It involves our up-to-the-mark web design and search engine optimization besides social media marketing, mobile website designing and free hosting with infinite email addresses. One of our mentors will play the role of a highly professional point of contact, and will make a visit to your premises 6 times in a year and present influential management metrics so that you can evaluate your own ROI.

Support is built-in, and you can get in touch with your expert to talk about strategic aspects. We consider that a firm would usually have to employ 2 to 3 people to do this amount of work; though outsourcing this to us will generally cost around $60,000 a year. See, it is much inexpensive!

Outsourcing Means More Experience

When you decide to outsource, you actually are outsourcing to specialists. At SEO Resellers USA, we have some of most skilled developers, designers, marketing experts and consultants that are ready to merge talents to effectively support your firm. This presents an extraordinary amount of value from a multiplicity of input resources that is simply not possible through managing digital marketing on the inside.

Run Lean, Less Resources

Outsourcing refers that you will save resources, not have to be anxious about Superannuation, Annual Leave, Payroll, Sick Leave, and many more. You can run lean and know that your digital marketing is in the hands of the specialists.