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Pay Per Click


Certified Adwords Experts for PPC Marketing & Management!

Outsource Adwords Specialist at Wholesale Rates!

Our team of highly trained professionals completely manage your pay per click marketing campaigns utilizing years of experience with Google and Bing AdWords. Monthly and weekly White Label AdWords Reports can be provided using the My Client Centre on our central Portal.


Our Process

  • Audit of White Label PPC – Estimated Cost Per Click with research of Keywords
  • Development and setup of your Campaign including – Locations, Extensions, Ads and Keywords
  • We can conduct split testing with multiple ads to determine what’s going to work best for you
  • Avoid unnecessary Keywords using Negative Keywords
  • Optimisation & Conversion Installation
  • Monthly & Weekly Reports
  • Monthly analysis of your Campaign with revisions depending upon the results and statistics
  • Re-marketing (where appropriate)

Campaign Management Options

  • Search Network Campaigns
  • Re-marketing/Re-targetign Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Google Shopping/Google Merchant Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Mobile Only Campaigns
  • Optimized Landing Pages
  • Optimized Banners For Display and Re-marketing


Apply for our Pay per Click Reseller plan and you’ll have our specialized White Label PPC Management team behind you.

SEO Resellers USA, a certified Google AdWords partner, has built and handled millions of profitable PPC programs for businesses of all sizes and types.

PPC advertising allows you to discover, compete and profit in a much broader playing field.



  • Is My Advertising Spends Profitable?
  • In the nook & cranny of search, are there customers, who we are not targeting?
  • Are we targeting the high returning customers?
  • Is our reporting providing valuable insights?
  • Fuel your PPC advertising
  • Understand
  • Digital Fuel will carry out an inclusive review of your company’s marketplace. On taking stock of what you are doing in pay per click now, we will examine its structure, the budget efficiency and it’s Return on Investment.



Making use of this review, associated with recognition of your market, we will clearly demonstrate the action plan. Your team; or ours will set this into place.

We know each & every client will have their own technology prerequisites for serving advertising. We have sufficient expertise in all of the key advertising serving technologies from Bing, Google and Yahoo, to Mediaplex, Dart Search or Ignition One.


We will check new landing pages at each step of your campaign’s acquisition journey.


Put in place the reporting procedure to control the budget and deliver on the KPIs. We pull together campaign data and continually monitor how we can boost your campaign.

Lifetime value tracking is of great significance in determining the ROI from your paid search outlay. We will proficiently work with you to anticipate and model for future financial promises and explain the ROI you will get from working with us. Understanding the lifetime worth of your customers, down to acquisition source, is key to fulfill your digital marketing targets.

Clients will have different needs from forecasting and reporting. We will acclimatize our analysis to your business needs and we deliver them on regular basis, monthly or weekly, so you are always capable to monitor the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.


Like any other digital tool paid search requirements continuous attention, optimization, reporting and refining thus you can get your business’s objectives and goals. With our dedicated team of marketing professionals in paid search techniques, you’ll have complete access to in-depth knowledge of optimizing, testing and monitoring with the final objective of Growth!

Win the battle. Grow and develop your campaigns; geo-target, instructs by day parts, add and pause keywords and test new ad copy.

Connecting The Dots

For your marketing department a comprehensive recognition of the relationship between your online and offline marketing plan is key to success. Through aligning all your marketing mediums, your business will deliver a reliable brand and experience to your clients, to deliver a higher ROI across all marketing mediums.

“PPC lets you tackle with new markets and explore new customers… and the real magnificence of it; every conversion and click is measured thus you know your money is working to get your targets.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our pay per click services.