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Social Media Marketing



Social Media is now a crucial marketing tool when it comes to build or strengthen your brand! Out team of highly skilled and experience Social Media Team can bring your brand into light! Outsource Social Media Marketing and Management at wholesale rates!

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Youtube!

Social Media – Management

  • Upgrade your image and old tired posts to new, creative and professional communication portraying the image your company needs – Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • 2-3 Different posts every week with accompanying graphics
  • Strengthening your social media results with groups and alliances
  • Getting you more followers and likes by engaging with Social Media users

Social Media – Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign for Facebook interaction
  • Creating a Campaign for getting more Likes on Facebook
  • Creating a Campaign for directing more traffic to your site


Involving with customers on an emotional level, to grow and convert into loyal customers.


  • Is social media catching new customers?
  • What is social media actually doing for my brand?
  • Am I pursuing a lot of social media carrots?
  • Is social media returning on our investment?
  • Is social media delivering traffic towards my website?
  • Fueling your client’s acquisition

Social media is the most famous aspect in digital epoch and you familiar with the leaders of the pack; Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

But only because it’s renowned, it doesn’t refer it’s always used as a money making marketing medium. Several brands are erroneously using social media to only keep and carry on a discussion with customers.

Certainly, social media is a magnificent marketing medium to reinforce your involvement with old customers, up-sell and cross sell, though what is being ignored is its worth as a platform to explore new customers and make those profitable.


SMM is changing the policies on how people work together with your business, and how search engines index your business around the internet. It is significant that you acknowledge the role of social media in your user’s expertise when they explore and opt for products and services online. SEO Resellers USA is at the front position of Social Media Optimization (SMO) providing our clients an entirely managed SMO strategy which comprises off:

Customer and Fan Acquisition

Let’s naturally get hold of your customer base and put up a loyal money-making following to your social media pages and eventually your business.

Attentively Listening To Social Chat and Act upon These Outcomes

We can monitor any brand term, keyword or phrase on all social media platforms. Social media is great real-time tracking device; we know what is being said about your business or products and can instantly act.

Full Reporting On Engagement and Conversion

Regular reporting on how your marketing campaigns are transforming against your performance target. We notify you regarding the demographic of your targeted audience and how they are engaging with your products or brand in the social media room.

Handling Social Media Channels As Part Of Your Marketing Ascription    

We use social media to retarget prospective customers and hope for new customers who have viewed or clicked adverts on other digital marketing mediums. It is all about integrating manifold touch points, on several channels, so that clients get a trustworthy experience.

Social media advertising is presently at a lower cost and not much viable, thus now it is the right time to take benefit of this direct and viral marketing medium.  At SEO Resellers USA we closely work with our clients with the intention of aligning all your digital marketing mediums, so that the similar message is fed whether you are seeing a real-time display ad or on Facebook.

“The holy grail of SMM is not a negotiable affiliation with your audience; it is a sort of emotional relationship. Ignite fuel and engage your social audience.”