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Your quality digital marketing services are driving traffic numbers to your clients’ websites but there is one problem – there is no correlation in an increase in sales conversions. This is a more common problem experienced by many agencies than you might think.

One very successful way of addressing this problem is through a comprehensive and effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy like the one offered by SEO Resellers USA. CRO is a complex process that involves numerous techniques and recommendations aimed at fixing elements and aspects of a website that might be preventing visitors from making a purchase.

The failure of a website to convert sales is an important indicator that all aspects of a website are not properly connected. Our CRO product offering promises the following benefits to your clients:

  • It will deliver a better customer experience
  • It will optimise targeted content
  • It will boost the power of paid search campaigns


Make optimal use of traffic numbers 

We have upgraded our wholesale digital marketing service offering by including conversion rate optimization services in our all-star line-up. CRO is a 6-month long management and recommendation process that can be implemented once off or continue in a rolling manner should you and your clients prefer this.

The first 3 months is devoted to advanced analytics and the use of tracking tools to determine where the weak areas of the website are. Our specialists are then able to make suitable recommendations for you to pass onto your clients that will improve conversion percentages on the website. The CRO techniques that we utilize include optimizing content, site speed optimization and A/B testing.

We continue the monitoring process during months 4 to 6 with monthly reporting on results of changes implemented. At the end of the process we offer a final report on the performance of improvements. We also offer a list of further recommendations that can further enhance conversion rates.


Analytics Analysis

Sessions, Bounce Rate, Exite Rate, Exit Place, Conversion Rate, Average Time on Page etc

CRO Tools

Google Analytics, Crazzy Eggs, Kissmetrics

Website Analysis

Design, Call To Actions, Loading Speed, Responsiveness, Imagery, Color Scheme etc

Content Optimization

Content Length, Placement, Relevance, Quality, Accuracy

CRO Testing

Implementation of CRO, Split Testing of Traffic, More Changes, Comparison with Old Site


Comprehensive CRO Report After 3 Months, Implementaion of changes, Month 4 Analysis & Reporting, Month 5 Analysis & Reporting, Month 6 Final Reporting

Does all this sound too good to be true? Trust us, it isn’t. We have results from case studies to prove it. Get in touch with one of our customer representatives at SEO Resellers USA to find out more.